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day 27

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Written: 4/20/2020

This poem was inspired on a day when I woke & did not feel like giving my 100% self. The number 27 represents the number count of my grieving process. On this day, I also learned about the word self compassion. The timing of it all was so important.

I learned that because I had spent so much time trying to show up for others, I was not showing up for myself first. So this one day when I felt like I couldn’t show up, I craved for someone to be there for me. That someone was me.

I hope you enjoy ...

Today I woke up & I felt restless

Today I woke up feeling the heaviness try to weigh me down.

Today I did not feel like pulling myself together for anyone other than myself.

Today I needed myself in a different way.

Today I needed my own hug, my own love.

Today was different,

But today was needed.

Today was a start of a new stage of healing.

Today I regained my own power,

The power of me showing up for me.

The power of me not just relying on others, so

I could not enjoy the pleasure of someone kissing my wounds & placing bandages over areas that are bruised.

Today I saw myself;

The beauty & the shame,

The love & the pain,

The little girl & the young woman.

I see you. I’m here.

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