• Kris R.

are you doing the work?

It's easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle & bustle of life. It's easy for a slight disruption to redirect your whole existence. It's easy to fall short in areas of our lives. It is easy to allow the stress, trials/tribulations, and overwhelming aspects of life to consume us and attack our well-being.

Even though it easy for our lives to be shifted, flipped, or turned around, it is also easy, & necessary for us to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. This is especially important during a period of life alteration. If you are not taking care of yourself, your surroundings will not function properly. Do what's best for you, always. And I do mean always!!

Self-awareness is a key aspect of learning about yourself in a deeper way. The more you learn about yourself, the easier it will be to be able to do what is best for you. Not saying that uncovering things about yourself is easy, or comfortable; however, it is important and beneficial to growing thru life and maintaining sanity.

If you know what keeps you peaceful, you will be more in tune with and go after things/people that help you with maintaining your peace. If you know what causes unhappiness, negative feelings/vibes, you will most likely not allow those things to enter, or remain, in your space.

Recently, I experienced my own time period of allowing my external circumstances including a dramatic shift in my schedule, the heaviness of the holiday season, feelings of not being motivated because certain things are no longer in my space (school, writing blogs for other platforms, not being able to travel, etc.). All of these different levels of changes caused me to slowly dig myself into a hole of unhealthy feelings such as being down, agitated, and unfulfilled.

As uncomfortable as it was to become present in the fact that I was not feeling like myself, I had to choose myself and begin to do the work. I chose to reintegrate myself into things that add to my peace & happiness, things that I had stopped doing because I was unable to balance it with my new schedule: meditating, taking baths, writing, learning something new/reading, to name a few. I had to overindulge in self-care activities that allowed me to feel like more of myself.

I also had to re-learn/re-adjust some things that seemed to no longer work the same way that it did before, & learn that it was okay to do so. I showed myself more love and even more compassion for what I have been experiencing and how I have handled it. The more I did, the better I felt, which made me want to do even more. A beautiful cycle of pulling myself out of the hole of unhealthy feelings/thoughts/vibes.

Don't be afraid to do the work. Do the work & keep doing it, & then do it again! Keep working on yourself when you feel like your best self! Continue to work on yourself when you don't feel like your best self! Your efforts are important & it is necessary.

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