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how to organize & deal with your kids' virtual classes while working from home.

I was given the opportunity to share tips on how to transition from your temporary shared work space to a more long term setup. This guide was written by Cherie McLaughlin, the creator of https://www.couchbasedbiz.com/. She shares a number of different articles that give tips about how to make your home-based business flourish and how to alter your home office to make it more befitting for you.

​Working from home with children learning virtually is now the standard, but that doesn't make it any easier. Telecommuting while supervising your children's distance learning progress is not impossible, but it sure feels that way most days. Fortunately, there are ways to get through this stressful time and get rid of expectations for perfection.

Handle Working From Home and Your Kids' Virtual Classes

Helping your child with remote learning includes helping them organize a plan for handling assignments, figuring out when they have to attend their classes, getting on the sessions on time, staying focused, and avoiding distractions. This setting — while also planning on working your job from home — can be challenging to balance. Perhaps you're already feeling discouraged, but you should try a do-over with different strategies to find the ones that work. Here are a few suggestions.

Keep a Routine

Because routine changes can be stressful, it would help to create a daily schedule you can hang on the refrigerator or somewhere your kids can see it every day. Include breaks from virtual school, as well as time to connect. Also, be explicitly clear when you are free to be interrupted and when you do something important.

Designate Workspaces for Everyone

An advantage of going to school or a workplace is that those locations are distinct places where work and school take place. However, at home, the lines between school and work are blurred as people tend to relax or do personal chores at home​. The most efficient way to tackle this is to define workspaces for yourself and the kids, and these places should be distinctive.

Find Balance

If you find it challenging to take care of the household while helping your kids with school and simultaneously working a job, consider waking up a couple of hours before your children and use that time to get things done or take care of yourself. This will allow you to be more involved in your kids' studies during the day while still getting stuff around the house done and working your job. To wake up earlier, try staying up as late as little as possible and go to bed when the kids go.

Allow Screen time

While limits are still imperative, it's understandable that children's screen time will probably increase under these stressful circumstances. Try selecting a few games that allow your kids to learn and develop essential skills. Studies have shown that gaming comes with numerous cognitive benefits for kids, including better perception, memory, attention, and decision-making. Besides, many games can act as a great reliever after a difficult day, while some other titles supplement kids' assignments and lessons. Ensure your home's internet connection allows seamless gaming, especially when you are also working from home. This lets your kids have screen time while you do important, work-related things.

Be Kind and Patient With Yourself

In your new role as an at-home parent-educator-employee in these uncertain times, you'll be demonstrating the best of your emotional wisdom, flexibility, and creativity. Having your support will help your kids through the difficulties they have to face today, which, in turn, will allow you to focus on what you need to do. It is also essential that you are as kind and patient with yourself as you are with your children. You cannot do everything in a day, but just accomplishing the bare minimum at times is enough. Don't be too hard on yourself. No one has it easy these days, so remember that you do your best — that should suffice. As a relaxation technique, when things seem too hectic, do something you love or that makes you feel good, such as listening to a podcast from The Blog of Growth or take a long bath.

It's Not Impossible

Keep in mind that this is a process, and although you do your best to make improvements, you are not going to magically make things perfect at once. Start over as many times as you need to until you find the best balance and strategies to succeed — both you and your children. You can still thrive and manage it during this uncertain time and put to use many of the gains back into your daily life when the crisis ends.

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