• Kris R.

letter to my Black family,

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Written: 6/8/2020

If you were anything other than,

wouldn’t you envy the illustrious shades of brown?

All we ever did was be Black,

& they have feared, copied, secretly loved us because they knew something that a lot of us fail to see ourselves because the system has brainwashed our perspective of what it means to identify as Black.

They have killed, abused, belittled us

because their ancestors knew that if they didn’t, we would run this God forsaken world we live on.

Little do they know, that we are a different breed than our ancestors were.

Little do they know our tolerance for their bullshit is growing smaller & smaller.

Little do they know that we will burn this bitch down & reclaim every bit of land, rights, & freedom that was our in the first place

But was stripped from us by unworthy, small-minded motherfuckers who have always underestimated our abilities because once upon a time, they were our “owners”, our “masters”.

Little do they know, we will know longer be crippled by the system they created to make us dependable of them in order to weaken our power.

We are taking all of OUR shit back;

Day by day, dollar by dollar, step by step.

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