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Written: 9/20/2020

This past weekend, I spontaneously decided to do 24-hours of fasting, along with detoxing my system. On Saturday, I ate dinner around 5:30 pm, so Sunday morning I drank my cleansing tea and refrained from consuming anything other than water and tea until 6:00 pm.

Fasting was something that I began to do prior to this weekend, but I would only do it until about 10:00 am daily (Random, right?) I was never sure that I would be able to actually be without substances for a full 24 hours or more. However, I am happy that I woke up with a different frame of mind this weekend because I would not mind doing this more often.

The morning began with mindfulness yoga/meditation I usually meditate for about 5 to 15 minutes. It was followed by me drinking the detox tea while I listened to some form of positive and uplifting reinforcement. This led to me writing out my intentions/goals for the remainder of September and the rest of the year, as we enter into the fourth quarter of 2020 (Where did the time go!?).

I was very intentional about the things that I want to see happen for myself. Most importantly, I also included things that I want to let go of (things that are no longer serving me and have had a negative impact along my growing journey). I opened myself up to receive and welcome new blessings, experiences, connections, etc. that will be entering into my life in the near, and far away, future. I wrote everything down and I spoke it allowed at different moments throughout the day.

There was a different level of clearness and openness that I felt from releasing the toxins that were physically in my body. There were not any substances that were draining my energy, causing disruptions, or clogging my mental path. I was clear of everything and present to the feeling of being one with my body, mind, and spirit. There was a sense of clarity that I felt as a result of not having anything that would cause dysfunctioning or distractions.

I honestly felt motivated, focused, and attentive while doing things that interest me. My creative juices were flowing, my mood was more elevated, and I felt light and free! My senses were a little bit more

Let's be real, I was definitely hungry!! But these feelings of hunger were received differently because it seemed to have come from a deeper place. For once, I did not necessarily feel like I was craving food, per se. I was craving and hungry for what was going to be happening next to me in my life. I was genuinely excited about.

Throughout the day, I allowed myself to just be. Be present to what and how I felt. Be present to a more clear thought process/thinking pattern. Be present to hear from myself, God, and the universe.

Based on my experience, fasting brings a different level of awareness, openess, clearness, and release that is unexplainable until you do it yourself. My only suggestion is making sure that you do it with the right intentions and you are ready to receive whatever is coming your way.

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