• Kris R.

my experience with ms. yoni

Today I did my first yoni steaming (vaginal steaming) & let me tell you something, ladies ... I would definitely recommend. Not saying that everyone will have the same experience, but it is definitely a beneficial way of cleansing your pussy and releasing everything that you have been holding onto & you were not even aware of it.

If you decide to embark on this journey, it is done using steaming herbs of your choice (I bought mine on Amazon). I also chose the option of purchasing a Sitz Bath that would fit over my toilet (also bought on Amazon). I know, I know! It sounds weird, but once you do some of your own research, you will under me a little more.

I literally transformed my bathroom into a sacred space for cleansing and healing. I surrounded myself with candles. I brought my laptop in there with me for the purpose of yoni meditation music (Youtube) to be played throughout this experience. I also made sure I had a cup of water.

During these 20 minutes, I sat over the steaming with a towel wrapped around my waist and embraced everything that was to come. The sensation of the steam on my pussy was something that words cannot explain and that is all I can say about that. I started with a silent meditation and ended it with speaking out loud. I simply spoke was on my heart & everything I wanted to get out of this experience.

Words of affirmations that spoke positivity and power over my life, in general, as well as my pussy. I was very specific and intentional about what I said in reference to what I wanted to happen as a result of this steaming experience.

I reclaimed my own pleasure as a priority & not a choice. I reconnect with my pussy and welcomed a beautiful & consistent relationship with her. I apologized for all of the times that I neglected her & did not consider her in my decisions. I forgave myself for not speaking up for myself & allowing people who access to her who were not worthy.

Mentally, I felt a level of empowering energy. Emotionally, there was a feeling of relief and gratitude. Physically, I honestly felt drained, but not necessarily in a bad way. I felt as though all toxins & unneeded negative energy had exited my body. My senses also seemed heightened, where there was a continuous tingling sensation that explored my body for the next few hours.

New pussy, who dis?

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