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one year anniversary.

As I approach the one year anniversary of my blogging website (10/30/2019), I felt that it was mandatory that I upgrade my website and make some much needed changes.

Beginning the journey as a blogger, the intention/vision was for me to simply create my own blogging site where I discussed my own personal growth and promoted in others. However, within this year I've watched myself expand on many different levels and it has been a beautiful sight to see. Being able to go through my own stages of growth while continuously advocating for growing was intense, but very much needed.

When I first began this blogging journey, the majority of my posts included me opening up about my personal experiences that have affected me in major ways that influenced growth in my life. Topics ranged from past relationships to life after Bachelor's degree to the importance of decluttering parts of my (your) life to my current life experiences and so many more. Around the month of March, my writing transition to more of a poem, or spoken word, form of writing. I began to express myself in a deeper way, especially on days I was inspired to write.

On top of that, I made allowed my voice to be heard in a different way, through my podcast. That has been something I have definitely enjoyed separately from this blog because it allows me to actually verbalize my thoughts. It also gives the opportunity to have conversations with others during episodes & share their stories/thoughts/feelings in a way that is comfortable for them.

I have definitely enjoyed seeing myself continuously venture far outside of my comfort zone & allow myself to be free & open. The unimaginable is happening in my life, where the things I envisioned happening in my life definitely surpassed what I saw happening in my future. Discovering my passions & my purpose on this earth has been one of the most fulfilling experiences. I have genuinely enjoyed learning more about myself and seeing myself grow in every situation I have been planted in.

Here's to my first year of this blogging journey! And to many more to come!! I look forward to seeing who I will be this time next year!!!

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