• Kris R.

the year of 2021

Usually going into a new year, I would have an entire list of things I want to see happen for myself & pre-expectation/vision of what the process would look like. However, after the year 2020, my perception of setting expectations for a year has completely changed.

The first time someone asked me about what I saw happening for myself in 2021, I literally did not have an answer. Not necessarily in a bad way, I just ... don't really have any major expectations going into this year.

My main goal/intention is to continue to show up on a daily, for myself & everything else in my space. My word to describe 2020: awakening. There was an awakening of a part of me that I never allowed myself to access & once I became present to it, there is no possible way that I could allow myself to go backwards & fall back into mindsets, habits, trauma, toxic behaviors, etc. Now that I know better, I owe myself better -- every. single. day. Even when it gets tough or even when I relapse, a better outcome, a better version of myself will be a result of this every day journey of growth.

The year 2021 will be a continuation of me holding myself accountable, learning more about myself, applying what I have learned, but also being able to show myself compassion, love, support, and everything else that is needed during this journey of reaching my highest self. Sounds like a lot, right?? I used to think the same thing. The feelings changed when I began to see it as something beneficial & enjoyable rather than a struggle.

Here's to another year of growth, expansion, improvements, blessings, peace, happiness, prosperity, & everything else 2021 has to offer. I look forward to every single day of it.

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