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two degrees.

Today is my graduation day! There are many different emotions that I am feeling -- happy, accomplished, proud, excited, etc. I earned my Masters in Forensic Psychology.

I remember during my first semester in my graduate program, I was honestly considering dropping out. It was the best time to do so. I did not have any credits yet & I would not have wasted that much of my time & money. Even though there were other times I verbally express dropping out to the people in my life, my first semester was the closest I ever got to doing so.

Now, here we are! Because I made the decision to keep pushing through the journey, I will be graduating & receiving my second degree. It is honestly still mind-blowing to me. Acheiving something that seemed so overwhelming, stressful, & hard throughout the process. The end did not seem like it could get her fast enough. However, the end is very rewarding & I thank me for not giving up on this vision/goal two years ago.

One of my struggles is acknowledging myself for reaching set goals, pushing thru, & keeping my word. I never spend much time congratulating myself because once I check one thing off of my list, I am striving & preparing for the next thing. So in mind, what I accomplished is small compared to what I am working for next.

I feel like I do not speak about how proud I am of myself as much as I deserve. Today, I am overwhelmingly proud of myself. Today (& for the rest of this year, honestly), I will celebrate myself like never before. I will be present in the moment & embrace this next step to greatness.

Today, I make history. I am the beginning of a generational trend that will go on beyond my existence. I am the first person in my immediate family to earn my Masters degree & I'm truly honored & grateful for the opportunity to do so. I remind myself that is indeed is a big deal & I will treat it as such.

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