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what are you letting go of?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I did my first "full moon ritual" for the full moon on October 1. To be completely honest, I never really took any of it seriously. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that the moon & the other planets release their own different levels of energies and play their own specific roles in our lives. But doing a whole ritual!? It wasn't my thing.

I got over it & decided to try something new because I read that my sign (Cancer) was one of the signs that would be most affected by this Full Harvest Moon in Aries.

I had already been writing down what I wanted to see happen in my life for the month of October, as well as throughout this fourth quarter of 2020. So to focus more on what I wanted to actually release/let go of was something I wanted to be very present and intentional about doing.

I wrote down a list of about ten different things I wanted to release within these next few months. To share a few, I let go of ...

  1. mental blockage/procrastination/distractions.

  2. relationships with people who are not in the same mental & spirtual space as me.

  3. self-doubt & negative thinking that hinders me from showing up as my best self.

  4. fear of the unknown/fear of failure & disappointment

  5. self-sabotage

When night time arose, & the full moon shined her beautiful light on us, I sat down in the grass in order to be grounded in nature & in her presence. I meditated for a few minutes and then I read my list out loud so the universe could be aware as well. After I was done, I folded the paper twice, took my lighter, and set the paper of the past on fire.

The entire experience was fulfilling to the sense of feeling like a weight was lifting off our your shoulders and you are entering a new space of peace and contentment. Anything that was holding you back before is no longer welcomed because you let go, but for real this time. Not like the other times when you said you would stop doing something and ended up doing it again anyway. No, this time was different. This is exactly how I felt.

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