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you know you're happy when ...

I find it interesting the consistent pattern of when I begin to me in better space of discovering my own peace & happiness & just becoming more whole & content with the life that I am living, people who I may have separated myself from in the past will find a way to insert themselves in my new space. This is honestly something that used to grind my gears & annoy me. Now, it does not bother me as much because of the awareness that of why it happens & a perspective change behind that.

In the past, I think it would annoy me because I would view it as people trying to cause disruption within my new space, & that was something I would not tolerate, whatsoever. I assumed people from my past would be coming to take from me instead of add to me. I would assume that they were not on the same level of evolution as me; therefore, they would stunt my own growing process & trigger me into going back to some of my old ways, and vice versa. Because I have been able to see myself from a different set of eyes, I see where I could cause my own level of disruption in someone else's life because of my own toxicity. This is why I have never really gone back to any of my exes because I felt as though we would just fall back into the same traps that caused us to not be in a union like before.

You know you're happy when you attract people from your past notice your new glow. You always this because there would be a shift in the type of people that gravitate towards you. They gravitate towards you because they are the people who will match your energy & will be able to assist you & walk this new path with you. These are the people that you may have even manifested, as you wish to attract differently.

On the other hand, discovering your own happiness/peace comes with the tests of people (possibly the ex, someone of your past, or someone new) who will challenge your new perspective & push some of your old ways. They could serve as the test of whether or not you have learned a certain lesson, or if you will allow yourself to relapse on a behavior that you thought was erased.

My current mindset of people from my past trying to reintegrate themselves into my life is a combination of me being flattered & a little anxious at the idea of it. Flattered because it is a reminder that I am better than I was before & it obviously shows. Anxious because I would silently questioned people's intentions behind the "I miss you's" & the "I should've done this or that differently". Cringey!!

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